Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Going to see my Mom

I hope to leave tomorrow. I doubt I'll take a laptop. Mine is old Maybe a few days without connecting would be a good thing. Kitties will be kitty-sat and dogs will be boarded. I will drive to Indiana. A good 8 hours.

My Mom is going to be 95 soon. She says the same things over and over, so I need to be focused. I need to be present. Does anyone have the problem, that when you take photos-you are not present and in the moment?
I will take a lot of photos, I hope. Should rain for the next 4 days.
I'd like to take my laptop, but I don't want to take my laptop. I'd have to find that little WIFI thing.
Today I took photos at the Shelter. With this dog, you wouldn't need an attachment. You could use her as a remote and communicate anywhere. I bet you could even reach alien space ships.
Meet Christa. Available for adoption at Lawrence Kansas Humane Society.

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