Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Sunflowers at the Farmer's Market

I am ridiculously excited to have some in my home.
Kansas sunflower is kind of a pitiful daisy in comparison to what I think is a Russian sunflower. I bet there were some Russians thrilled to see them after hard years.
They have become a cash crop in Kansas, but I am not sure I can tell the difference, one species to the next.

June sunflower fb_edited-2

I place them on the dining room table. Then I go get my glasses. I look again. I go get my camera.

June sunflower for LJ_edited-2

What a miraculous flower. Seeds to feed birds and humans too. Then I look again. Oh dear....
The leaves look like tiny dinosaurs. I must work on my theory of where the dinosaurs went. It is unlikely that I will finish my thesis before they lock me away. Perhaps I am only finding where the Geico commercial lizard originated. But still it is kind of neat.

June sunflower  donosaurs
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