Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Jan 18 Pen the secretive cat

Only a few of my friends or family have ever seen Penumbra "Pen". She is a reclusive. She is Zambini's sister. He is a sleek black and white and she is a long coated puffball.
In winter her coat matts. I think this is from static electricity, since she rarely goes outside for long. She does enjoy a bit of bird watching. Inside, she is an observant mouser.

Her coat is hard to keep. I wait for her to nap on my bed and then sneak up on her with the Furminator. She likes it, til we hit the first snag. I quietly observe where the matt is located and the next day I sneak up on her with small scissors.
If I do it well, she won't wake up on the first snip.

Jan 18 Pen_web
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