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Feb 28 Medical report

Had a doctor's appointment with the endocrinologist today. The nodule on my partial remaining thyroid gland is not growing. I can have it biopsied at any time, as I wish. Not big enough to indicate that now. So far, none of my operations or testing has had any cancer. So I am going to go with a one year check up. This was very encouraging.
This is not to say that I don't have some issues to deal with..but these are as basic as everyone else's issues.

I had a large credit at our local bookstore- "The Dusty Bookshelf". Walked in with 5 hardback novels I didn't much care for and walked out with 5 books that I hope I love or are inspiring. Some were recent best sellers, so I considered it a sort of coup to get them for free.

This time my photo was from the inside out. Postcards for sale and a view to the window.

Feb 28  Dusty 1

I love the store. The resident cat was, I think, at the vet.

I have many more books to sell. I have this idea about having a fresh stock of books in the grandkid's Playroom. I am not up to date. I know the Hunger Games series has been read by the 12 year olds, and Harry Potter was read, I think by the 8 year old as well. I am going to have to have a group meeting, take the grandkids down to the store and see what we need in a reading room.
Garage sales are coming. I also want some outlandish bits and pieces for costumes. They come up with mini-plays that are hysterical.
I kept my word to post every day with new photos in January. I continued in February. I have two art classes scheduled at the Arts Center in March. I want to print some postcards and try some new things. I can't promise photos every day, yet it might happen. I so enjoy the photos of LJ friends.
I don't always know what to say. Sometimes on FB you can just say "Like". Often I want to say more. I am not giving up on LJ.
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