Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

March 3 The Fine Art of Hibernation.

mar 3 flower 2 web

Sometimes I ask myself or give the question to the universe "What am I supposed to be doing today" or "What is the best use of my time today?" Or "What should I be noticing today?"

And sometimes the answer is don't do anything. Just be present.

And so, I do nothing. I read, I listen to music, I take a few photos and notice the world around me. I take a nap under a blanket of wool. I wonder how spring will feel when it comes.

I notice how most days people are so busy they create ruts behind them in a state of unconscious activity. I don't want that for myself. And I am old enough to say so.

There are branches to chain saw from the yard. Repairmen to call. But that can wait. Even my paints need a little defrosting from storage in the garage. The trees are soaking up melted snow, waiting for another day to blossom.

One flower from a bouquet I bought a month ago still holds on.

I am practicing the fine art of hibernation.
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