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Going to sales

Although I spent the whole day cleaning and getting ready to donate numerous items, I still found myself at an Estate sale. I can't seem to resist. An estate sale tells a tale of a person's life.
In this case, it was bookshelf after bookshelf of topical books that really interested me.
Apparently, this person was a lawyer. But his bookshelves reveal many other interests. Like Christianity, Buddhism, Zen. And Also -art in general and photography, poetry, architecture, and every novel you should have read in the last century. Plus the last few centuries..
I get a feeling for this person that wonders about things I wonder about too. Mostly I admire them. But one room is decorated like a gothic cave, complete with fake Z-Brick cave-like walls. Like Phantom of the Opera. Complete with candelabras. I don't judge, but I am fascinated. So much we will never know.
I bought several art books.There were so many book shelves, you could not get through them all.

And then, there were icons on a shelf, priced so cheaply, but worthy of collection by this unknown person.

Stuff-- Icons and statues_for Web

And sometimes, I just can't buy the truly unusual stuff because I don't want to freak out grandkids. The statue to the right of the skull is an angel, but it has a death side too.

Stuff- weird things i didn't buy

I might go back tomorrow and see what books I missed.
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