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I am a shirker of a poster on LJ

Was gone to Indiana to visit my Mom and it was stressful, as were business meetings and the so many other things. I don't do well driving 500 miles in one day. Tornado warnings make it more stressful.
So really, I have been catching up on sleep, which is my typical response to fatigue and stress. I slept most of yesterday.
I dreamed that my Mom was really Hillary Clinton. Delightful dream.Those of you who have followed my posts for a couple years, will realize this is an outlandish way of coping through dreams. But it worked.

Today I had the truly fun job of taking portraits of the main staff (for the Lawrence KS Humane Society.) Formal ones, for a web page or brochure or whatever outcome where it was needed.

My favorite photos are of our director Dori with her dog. Now at first, I didn't like Dori much when she came to our Shelter. She shook up everything. She made changes. Now I see that those changes seem to be working. And that is what really counts when it comes to finding homes for animals.

So, a couple delightful photos.
D 4_edited-1

You don't Know Dori anyway and I probably have about 26 LJ friends including the Internationals. so I am going to post this. Dori trying to show how dogs look like their owners... I think..

D 5_fpr web.
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