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It is photo Wednesday at the Shelter

Now, I am not usually into terriers or any sort of shaggy coarse coated dogs. But I like this one a lot. Verified, she knows sit and shake. Maybe much more. She is the sort of dog easily cast in Annie or other dog movies. But I don't live in California.
dog_Delilah_web 6

And our puppy of the day is Bane. In my days of AKC purebred dogs, what he has is called a "Butterfly Nose". The pigment usually fills in, in time. He is the last of his litter to be adopted. Poor nose color. I guess. Maybe at the shelter they know he is a boxer mix. But sometimes, we just guess. Sweet little guy

dog_Bane-web 2

And here is Dori. Very sweet puppy. You guess the breed. She was raised in a vet office, in a cage and not given many experiences....Like walking on grass. She is very fearful. She wants to cling and bond. The staff and volunteers have her number and I bet she is a different dog in one week. Confidence...What we all could use ...that and someone who just loves us. Special.

dog_Dori_ web 3

I don't walk through the aisles of the shelter, much. It is hard. trying to be a no-kill shelter is difficult. We are doing better. Much better. It takes tremendous funding and volunteers to do this. That is the goal

I just read "Redemption- the Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America." I am not sure they have covered it all. but some very good points.
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