Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Old dogs in autumn

Some of us old dogs find the automatic timer portrait feature difficult.
Brenda 1
I feel like such a dunce smiling at the camera and I am rarely in focus.
Arm's length works better.

Brenda 3_web

Oh sheeze..where do those wrinkles come from?

Em, short in my mind for Empath, is a silly girl. She tries everything she knows to please me. Having her sit for a portrait is challenging. First, she has to shake hands, roll over, run around the yard 3 times checking for tennis balls, then we take her picture. She, too is getting older.

Em age 6  for web

Em in fall 1  Em web

And my Bodie dog, the one who changed my life from depression to courage is showing his age. But he still runs to fetch my slippers about 5 PM or sometimes, before, if he thinks I have settled.

Bodie age 11  web

Bodie Autumn  for web
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