Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Am I living dangerously?

Grandkids love doing scan photos and of course, the portraits were bound to come. I went first, to see if I went instantly blind or something.

grammmmmmmmmmmmy! web_edited-2

You can almost see my "EEP" in the photo. I can't find evidence that this endangers health. Oh, gosh, I hope I am not doing anything dangerous.

Kids make up the name of the photos and push the buttons, while I go under the blanket hood.

It still might be dangerous.

But the kids are so inventive, especially Owen, while Kellar is doing catch-up technology. They get an idea, add objects that are handy in the house and title it themselves.

Owen , who doesn't like haircuts to short hair, titled this "Attack of the Green Scissors." I really like it.

attack of the green scissors web edited-2
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