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Getting home and taking care of things

Sheeze, At tax time, at planting time, it takes times to get back in the swing of things.. Plus I am learning a lot about my camera from a digital camera class at the Lawrence Arts taking experimental photos. They don't always work. Sometimes they do. I am learning a lot. If nothing else, the will to experiment.
In the midst of all this, Bodie, the 100 lb. Labrador caught some sort of allergic grass?..and needed antibiotic and a daily foot wash. Now, as I age, wrestling an 11.5 year old 100 pound dog for a foot wash is not that easy since he is 80% lame already and with a foot infection that caused a further limp..Oh. He can be so stubborn. Finally I had to yell at him, "HEY..stop it. I am trying to help you!" I think that this is almost cured...7 days in from infection. Today was true spring. I saw Bodie run a bit.
In the meantime, photo assignments using lighting. We are learning about light balance. I have no patience for using white balance while shooting, but at least I know the button is there and how to adjust.

Some experiments to follow.
Bedspring house web

lighting experiment for web
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