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A little catch-up not ketchup here..

Our weather has been cool enough to hit doggie park in the morning. I need to walk more.
Here is Em floating through fields.

Em floating thru the grass web

And here is a shot of my Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club friends on an evening walk. My goodness, I was gone for 10 years, moved back, and have known some of them for 40 years.We all have different dogs than when we started... obviously. But what a lovely group of people with years of dog experience and know how. I expect we will all walk into the Sunset together, one day.

Walking dog into sunst,

By day three of big walks my feet hurt. Just hurt! I might have to wear my winter shoes in summer to offer some variety.

Grand daughter Kellar turned six a few days ago. She no longer has a "dance program". She now has a "performance". She is the tiniest one in the group. Sometimes you can hardly see her. When I do she is watching the older dancers in front of her for guidance. Yeah, she misses a few moves, but she is out there trying and when it comes to strike that final position or pose, she is always spot on.

Kellar Riding Hood after portrait  web_edited-1

Little ballerinas stick together. The Lawrence Arts Center offers a lot for every age. New friends is part of that.

Kellar and cast friend web
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