Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Still into taking dog photos for the Shelter.

Right now we are still into taking Christmasy photos for our web page. Is the list endless?
Trying , in the meantime, to get my own accounts and things in order, before settling out an estate.

Some days, when it gets all so busy, I wish I didn't rush dog photos. Just anything to get them online without looking too terribly amateur, which I am. The Public needs the faces out there in view, not the barking crazy guys behind bars, barking their heads off just to get noticed or outside. Or the cringers...heart breakers.

I am watching a dog's expression, how they present their body, their eyes, what happens when I squeak a they hide or give attention? What if we get into treats? Hard to believe that some dogs refuse totally premium treats. They've never had one before.And we are talking a bit of cheese, fresh cooked home made chicken or beef. These are the bait. No commercial treats in this pocket!

I am always watching the faces for a clue of who they really are. In the end, that is how I chose all my dogs.
Sometimes I just see interesting faces. I love interesting faces, filled with fear or curiosity..Who is in there?

Here is Rudolph. (The intake staff often tries to be seasonal on given names.) He is the lightest Doberman I have ever seen. But he is dobie through and through. Shy, but he watches the whole situation.

dog_Rudolph_web 5

dog_rudolph_web 4

And there is Husker, a basically pit bull combination of some sort. I love that he is curious. I carry a squeaker, a duck call and treats with me. I think it was the duck call that did him in with a head tilt.

dog_Husker_web 4

I love doing this volunteer job. No matter how bad things are going, I laugh out loud during most photo sessions. I don't want to know the dog's past. Too painful. I want to know the now and hopefully guarantee a future.
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