Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

President Obama visited Lawrence KS today

I did not wait in line. I did not go. This lady makes me feel like a real wimp. But I loved having the President here in one of the few areas of Kansas that voted for him. I could see my friends in the crowd. I was so proud of them for their campaign efforts and standing in line for hours for tickets.

Lately, I have run into people that don't just disagree with Obama, but hate him. They hate MLK day too. I think these might be the racists.
On the other hand, politically, do people really believe that those who earn more should pay less taxes? I mean really really really think this is a good idea? Clearly my friends are not a part of the 2% of high earners, tax-wise.

Usually, I don't write much political stuff. But I just wonder about all this...I truly do.
I have difficulty also with those who quote Old Testament and don't understand that Jesus had a new idea. "Love thy neighbor as you love yourself." I am kind of thinking that we don't love ourselves so much. Maybe that is the problem.
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