Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Deep Summer

The Van Gogh Blues is a very good book to read or keep on you bedside table if you need an understanding of where you are in you creative life. Dated did I miss it before? For me it was a chance pick up in a used book store for credit.

Since the heat index is 110 or some other impossible number outside, I stayed in all day. I hung sheets out , that dried in about 30 minutes. Whether I get them out again in summer or winter they hold the outside scent. I just love that.
I have thrown away about 3 started paintings.
So I went back to photographs today.
I love flowers. There is a certain spot in my house where I photograph flowers. Roses were on sale. But is it the flowers in a big scene or who they are?

They are often wrinkled, but no one notices that. Maybe the leaf is the important part.
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