Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Hot and rainy summer

I am grateful every day I don't have to go outside past 11. Today hail. Then humid heat.

I am buying a pure bred Golden retriever expensive pup. Why? Because I didn't get enough Golden retriever with Emmy.I want to know why these guys are guide dogs and service dogs and healing dogs, let alone performance and hunting champions. I do love to train. I don't like being "on stage" with dogs. Yes, I am a true introvert. There is something I want to know about Golden Retrievers from start to finish. And why do they typically, die a bit early from cancer.
My kids are rather appalled. They see the old lady who can't jump and walks a bit funny....Taming a wild beast. Yes. It has its risk.

I see so many dogs every week at the Shelter. I think I calculated 6,000 plus photos taken but not used for Humane Society photos. Maybe 4,000 were used. I see many breeds and many personalities. Always it is the big breed hunting group that attracts me. The only dog I took home was my Em. A golden.

Sometimes the expense of this deal amazes me. Every penny of my experiment will be matched with a donation to the shelter. I JUST want to know more. Learn it from the ground up. I have plenty of professional training help for free. That is the advantage of joining an AKC kennel club. My friend Bitsey now lives 3 doors down. She only adopts non-purebred dogs Then she trains them and wins a lot in AKC sponsored performance events, now open to non-purebred breeds.

I think, perhaps after new pup. I will adopt from a shelter. I am not much interested in tiny breeds, but I am interested in Geezer dogs who should not be in a Shelter.

I think I judge a lot from a dog's expression. I like the ones who look me in the eye. This week, I like a dog named Beppo.

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