November 6th, 2012

Election is almost over

Although I knew how I wanted to vote I actually did research on the opponent for about 4 months. Checked tax records and investments and speeches. I try to give every one an even break. For me, it came down to integrity and honesty. I feel that I have been gathered into a circle of people that feel like I do. I thank everyone who gave me new information, here, or on FB. I listened and read a lot.
Funny thing that happened with all the volunteer callers or visitors at the house. I kept running into dog rescuers and dog volunteers with dogs at old age homes or schools. I don't know how we felt the same on issues beyond dogs. But we did.
So now, sun is gone, results come and I am grateful to be able to vote (NEVER forget that we CAN vote. ) and be a part of a strange nationwide network, that I don't even know. Let it be.

election night