January 8th, 2016

A New House

I found the house where i want to live. It was a FSBO As Is. And I wanted it. The lady before me lived there for 40 years, I love the family that sold it. The former owner died at 93.

But...there was excessive termite damage. I could have been a stinker and got out of the sale and accused inspectors for things they did not know. I have been an antique dealer too many years. Nothing was mis-represented, by what they knew. I wanted the view first and the house as a place to live.

Alas, one night I was so stressed out that I saw a huge termite head in my dreams...no shit.. and it said to me "We love wallpaper." Next day I said "ALL wallpaper goes".

The house was filled with wallpaper, a very 1960's- 70's thing to do. I actually found a workman who removed wallpaper AND painted. Tom. A part-time Mr. Mom. Love this guy. Sometimes we just talk music, art or literature. He is being a wee bit dramatic here.

And then we get to the torn out porch. It is hard to explain but the termites found a path from a concrete patio into the house, the porch (aka a family room,)and some bathroom areas. Termites love moist wood.

But you need a building permit to do a speck of construction in Lawrence Kansas. Like repairing concrete to cure the existing problem of termite access, which also includes an outside poured concrete patio, It needs a building permit
For this, you need drawings. AKA architects. And a contractor who understands R-values and beam construction and things I don't know about.
Building permit, although I am essentially repairing are I guess necessary. I could easily be in $1000. for repairing a house. I am not crazy over this. So I handed it to my contractor and Architect. What does the city want?
But architect and contractor work this over on what would be my stovetop. Both have become trusted good friends.

It is hard to explain, So far, I am still under budget for a nice house with no view. I will have a view.

Even Enny knows where the back door is located. We just have to make it get constructed.