Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

I am headed for Mexico

I have known for six months or more, but June goes so fast, I still haven't wrapped by head around this.

Daughter Liz likes to speak Spanish. She taught a language class at her Church. She helped conduct Spanish speaking services. And Liz loves a good opportunity to speak the language.

We are headed to San Miguel de Allende.
Both of my Canon cameras are on their last legs. I am taking them both. The little G-9 is dying from abuse to wind water and dust. That was all I used in Costa Rica last year.The Rebel is dying of dog licks at the Shelter.Or pet hair. Or humidity. Maybe not dying exactly,, but how many times can you clean a lens with a sweaty t-shirt and licking the lens in a Kansas wind?
I accept camera failings. I accept my human failings. I am not a careful person, try as I will, to be oh so efficient and well planned.
I think it is a good idea to get out of your personal environment now and then. Cut obligations, phone calls, computer correspondence, chores, responsibilities. There have been times when I drove to the edges of town, just to see a treeless horizon. Civilization is good. I just want to see other people's civilization. And I understand there are very old buildings there.
San Miguel de Allende- Liz says it is a rich Gringo town.
I have my own casita in a walled compound, which in other languages means Mother-in-law quarters. :) There is not quite enough room in the main house for Maya and Anna. I expect overnight guests. The pictures show fabulous colors and plenty of flowers in the courtyard.
Maya, Anna and I have packed our good quality sketch books and markers and Sharpies. Maybe we can find some paints.

I really believe in adventures. You just never know where inspiration lies.
I have no idea where I am going. Sometimes you just proceed on faith and good planners.
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