Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Labor day and bunnies and music

I took photos of small animals, bunnies, in this case on Thursday. I brought all my props that might indicate this was Labor
Day weekend. There was some rich symbolism here, but now I forget what it was.
Another day in the 90-100 range and I am so done with it. And then it rained. Just a speck, but a cold front is moving through and I promised dogs that tomorrow for sure, we go to field. Retrievers are infinitely patient. They just wait for the next duck to fall. I wait for Fall.
Took some time with Humane Society issues and time with a Board member I trust and admire. This man has good sense and good people skills.

I have noticed, that although I love NPR news, I really don't like the classical music they play all day. I forget to change the music.
About a year ago, when we stayed in a house in the middle of nowhere, more beautiful than most houses I have ever experienced, in my lifetime, right in the jungles of Costa Rica, I found some Joni Mitchell CD's. I forgot about Joni Mitchell. For thirty years, I forgot. Then in Costa Rica I made a mental note, in my somewhat forgettable memory list to buy some Joni Mitchell. It wasn't til a musical genius friend of mine from high school posted some Joni Mitchell on Facebook that I remembered again. Today i stocked up on Used Joni Mitchell CD's at the Used cd stores. Added a little Van Morrison too. My music is set for the weekend. Something about Joni Mitchell makes my brain feel good.


Enjoy your weekend , folks.
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