Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Labor Day 2011

The temperatures have gone from over 100 to the 70's and my attitude is improving by the minute. Last night I even had covers on my bed and the windows open.
Yesterday Owen called needing a job. He is age 6. He wants a Mario Brothers game for his WII. I put him to work organizing the woodpile, mostly breaking sticks from downed limbs to put in the kindling pile.Why, he must be a whole 10 percent of the way to his goal! But Noah came too and used the chain saw to break the big pieces down to burnable size. I now have a tidy woodpile all ready for the first fire.

I've had the dogs to the field two mornings in a row. The walking is good for all of us. Here is Em passing into Fall, right before my eyes. Soon the grass and trees will be as golden as she is. It will be hard to find her.

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