Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Usually I have a photo

But not today. I like having a photo.

Today I went shopping for clothes, which in my case is a once every six months excursion.
I have a large belly and waist which is not uncommon over age 60. But most pants are made for the corresponding butt, hips, thighs. Ain't got that. So most pants balloon in those areas. Be a clown, be a clown, be a clown...the refrain of that old song sings to me when I try on pants.

I watch 'What Not To Wear" sometimes, which I can see is useful to Urbanites. But it is just hilarious when you consider what I do. I walk dogs in fields. Sometimes they get in stinky mud and sometimes we all get into burrs.
I take photos of dogs once a week ....dogs who are still learning the word "OFF!". Long pants and covered shoes are required by Shelter policy. I need pockets for treats, a rubber chicken and a spare smaller camera.

I do art sometimes with people under ten. Grandkids. They are very creative, but it can get messy.
I am on a Board. I am a donor and art patron or somesuchthing, so occasionally I have to look good. Usually, I just don't want to embarrass my kids or grandkids and look somewhat cute for my age group.

Here is what I just hate. Too tight pants. Too tight anything, where you can't move. Anytime you want to move, you should not have clothes as a constraint.

So, two new pairs of pants, two long sleeved tees and a twill jacket (Rejects burrs) that is somewhat style-ish and still good for field.

And now I go to my closet with hatchet. Get rid of that stuff you hate to wear! Here we come clothing exchange or resale or charity.
By traveling, I realize how little you need to survive for a couple weeks. especially if you can find a washer/dryer.
And it feels good.
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