Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Almost fall

This weekend is somewhat cold and rainy. Eric, Maya, Anna, Noah, Virginia, Owen and Kellar are all at the live Winfield Festival, billed as bluegrass, old timey, folk and cowboy and anything goes acoustic music. Now I am wishing i had sent logs for the bonfire. The fires and Music must be great. All families are in good hands. I know that music will be
memorable. Maya was practicing the couple fiddle songs she knows, before she left. I hope she gets a chance to be in a jam session and learn some things.
Daughter Liz and I stayed at home. We were both into painting walls. Although Liz and I often pick similar clothes and colors, we are not that much alike. Liz is able to speak what she feels. I goof up when I say too much and so mostly I say too little. But we both have the spring clean out instinct. We also have the Fall nesting instinct.
Liz and I enjoy walking dogs on sunshiney days and have the time to do it.
I have gone from almost no exercise in the heat and finally made it to 3 days a week with dogs in field. It is for us all and it is for me. I need this.
But now Phoebe, Liz's Golden, has an injured (cut somehow) foot. I am on my own next week..I love Black Labs in the snow
and most other times as well. But there is something about a Golden retriever in the Fall is Phoebe in the sun.

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