Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

New Glasses

The eye doctor says I don't need much change, floaters are kind of normal, nothing is detached like a retina, for instance.I do see real interesting lights at night from my "floaters". Doc says these are often precursors to Migraines. I told him, in winter I see sparkly stuff, like oh..air or something...not snow. I have about one headache a year.Yes, he sees this teeny tiny glaucoma speck..

But Sheeze.. what a wall of frames to choose from!

Do you know that, at least at my eye doctor, you get a 30% discount on glasses and frames with a AAA membership? In my case, that discount is more than the membership cost! Let alone, when I call out someone to tow me in winter...
I think Diane Keaton chooses the best glasses frames. I admire her choices every time.
This time I chose something vaguely purple.

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