Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,


After a vist to the vet on Bodie's constantly inflamed ear, which is now under control, we discussed how he becomes what you could call, pretty darned lame after a run in the fields. His heart is willing, but his body isn't.
The vet suggested every day, shorter romps, still exercise, but not so long, especially with the younger dogs.
So we train. We do low hurdles. Here he is getting up for a jump. ( It is, by the way about 1/3 of what he should jump as an Agility competitor.)

And here he goes over. Ears flying and all proud.


It is all about hurdles.
The imaging office says there is a growth on my remaining half a thyroid. Nodule, is what they call it. I am supposed to have it biopsied. I will. Soon. I tend to grow growths. Thus far, they have all been benign.
There are little hurdles, like Thanksgiving and parties and Christmas to get over. The command I give is "Over!". And even if the hurdle is small, we pretty much get the job done. The Bodie and me.
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