Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Closer to Christmas

And the Nutcracker was on Friday. In Lawrence Kansas, they do a historical version...Yeah, it is not officially a Nutcracker... if there are snakes in a crick and grasshoppers and so forth. But it is wonderful and original. It takes on Abolition, escaped slaves in an environment of a farmhouse Christmas party. Not preachy. The original music is used. But used in a completely different way.
I love it.
This year the girls were cavalry. Yes, cavalry.



Today was my birthday. I am 63. I celebrated by taking the dogs to a friend's house with a walk around the pond. I wrapped presents and when Kids came by to give presents, I passed the often huge presents on to their Christmas trees at home. I listened to Trail Mix our local Public Radio KPR Sunday show of folk and bluegrass. LOVE this. Never miss it.
Both families brought me candles, which I burn nightly, summer or winter. I love them!
I always wondered why. I always wondered why I hated industrial lighting. CBS Sunday Morning had a segment on lighting and lightbulbs. Yeah, I liked the old ones, but switched for environmental reasons. Yet, every night I burn candles. Apparently there is something in many of us that is hard-wired to the glow and heat of fire.
In my case, I just think I have primitive genes that are not well suited to the 21st century.
The old Edison light bulbs gave off the glow and even heat of fire. So did Kerosene lamps. Hmmmm...There are scientists working on that perfect environmentally friendly low energy, perfect lightbulb... that can replicate the comfort of Fire.
So, for now, I buy up candles at garage sales, I welcome gifts of new and often fragrant candles. I use them.
The longest night of the year is coming. I am ready.
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