Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Day 1 0f New Year

It is the end of the day on the first day of the New Year.

Part of me wants to do 365 project. Take photos every day. Never forget. But then sometimes a normal life gets repetitive. If I posted and took a photo a day, trying hard to see things a new would challenge me.
I know making a commitment to taking photos at the Shelter of Adoptable dogs has helped me a lot. I am one of those people that learns as I do.
On the other hand, sometimes days go all wrong and there is nothing to describe them but a gray wall. I think I am seeing mild depression here. And I don't know why. i see it in my friends too. Is this a 60's issue? The age not the decade. Or maybe the decade..
I know by committing to Shelter photos, my own dogs see less personal time and training.
I know I am tired when the sun sets. I rarely take on parties or evening meetings or classes. This might be a leftover from Thyroid, adrenal things.
I also know that when I have a format and an animal that needs public exposure, I can edit really fast now. As long as it is before sundown. Then I slow down. But also, this is when I think.
I find Facebook so superficial. I share there sometimes, but not often. It is a decent french fry, but not a meal.
I truly relish time to read.
I am also slow at making decisions.
Maybe the challenge for me will be to take at least a photo a day and then somehow get to 365.
Still, no commitment.
What is this point where I stall? Is this an ego thing?
As a former antique dealer, I have always had a lot of stuff. Tomorrow I will take bags of stuff to the Salvation Army. Including the clothes I end of wearing but not liking.
It is a New year.
I like things simple. Tis a gift to be be free.
On the other hand, many of you know the high of a good photo. It takes some time to find those.
Well I have clarified nothing. But I have had a chance to mull it over with friends.
Maybe that is good enough.
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