Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Little treasures

I have been cleaning for tomorrow's book club meeting, but I have also been cleaning and donating, in general. One bag out each week.
You know all those turtle necks that are too short in the arms and how you think no one notices them under a jacket? OUT of here. This is getting plain stupid. Some one can use these. pass it on. Some of them are second hand in the first place!
I am working on what I discovered is poverty consciousness. I am not close to poverty at this time. But I tend to act that way. I can let a lot of things go.
Always I save the things that I think are kind of wondrous. Like this Aboriginal type painting, daughter Liz brought from Australia, eh, twelve years ago or more..and it was propped up here and there. Never found it's right place.
Ha ha. I found the way to hang it.
With velcro.
By a candle.
I have spent years wondering what animal it was only to find that the artist signed it and it is of men and women dancing. Dopey me. I turned it over.

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