Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

A stressful week, when it shouldn't be

Humane Society has a photo promo for Valentine's day. I took the pictures. It involves taking photos, in theme, sometimes in costumes, against a red back-drop (blanket)in the only room that has some natural light. The idea is to give a parody of Match. com
The blanket doesn't really reach the floor, the dogs are on the hard to adopt list either because they are goofy or just old.And they are really not that used to behaving, as a rule of thumb. Their adoption fee will be waived in February. They are already spayed or neutered.
This involves a LOT of photo-shopping. My old Photoshop CS kinda broke down. I got it back. But in the meantime, I bought Photoshop 10 in a panic. It was soon clear that there is a huge learning curve here.
I was so bummed by this. Then I realized, that my ego was into the not-for-hire volunteer photos. It is not like it is professional pet photos. The goal is to find a good home for these dogs. IT IS NOT ABOUT ME or my present skills.
I started having fun when I started writing captions. Yours are welcome. Here is Bertha...about age 10. Her teeth chatter when she is nervous.
"My name is Bertha. I enjoy the History Channel. I wear my crown when they discuss Mesoplatania" (sp?)

"My name is Mr Rogers. I could play tenissball all day long. I enjoy Rewards banquets"

"My name is Chrissy. I am an all American girl and I don't apologize. I love aerobics and cheer for all teams in my spare time"

Had enough yet? How about Harry?

"My name is Harry. Come to my apartment and look at my etchings. They are all of sheep. I have no idea what we can do after that."
So, clever ones, you know that you are out there....comment.
In the meantime I will calm down and quit stressing and try to get in tune with
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