Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Noise and Quiet

Tonight is a KU (That is University of Kansas and not Kentucky not K-state) Home game. This unimposing building will be so loud in a few hours, your seat will vibrate. This photos was taken about 4:30. The game starts at 8. The parking guys and the "Want to Buy Ticket" guys were out already. I am not sure why other teams come here, except it is on their schedule. When this building gets going, it roars. It is a wonder it doesn't levitate off its foundations.

I used to go to games here, a long time ago. It was so hard on me, that I quit. Since I just finished the book "Quiet-Introverts in a Noisy world" by Susan Cain, I drive by the Field House and snap a photo. My thoughts are "Oh, look at all the Extroverts!" The line is 2 blocks long, 4 hours before the game.

I will watch the game on TV, but interspersed with the Suze Orman show. She is useful in my field.

Now about "Quiet" the book. Some reviewers panned it. Haven't yet read that review. As a natural introvert, I loved it. Extroverts might feel insulted or elated. A lot of it has to do with today's society and how extroverts are so valued.

On the other hand, introverts study things. They must find the courage to represent their music, art, or business insights. However social introverts may seem, they need huge recovery times from social events. I have found this to be so for me. It covers dealing with an introverted child and a tendency to be introverted as a value in, for instance, Asian students. It speaks of high school "geeks" who turn into Bill Gates.
It speaks of Harvard business school and how a quiet person can be overlooked. It talks about how that can be altered in public persona, yet find your own space for reflection. We are not usually all one way or another.
For me, this was a life affirming book. I always felt like their was something wrong with me...Go to a party and recover for a day..and not from alcohol. Put in a day at my shop and recover for 3 days...
About 17 years ago, I decided I would not take a normal job at minimum wage. I guess I was overcome with grief from my second husband's death to do such a foolish thing. I drove the remains of my antique shop to Flea Markets around south Texas in a pick up truck for about six months. Sold a lot, when I was "on". Very tiring.
Then I decided that no one could see if I was man or woman, short or tall, pretty or not pretty, and I would learn something about investing. I could be invisible and earn money. And I did.
Nope. I am not going to feel guilty about this. Some how, this is who I am . It pays to be studious about some things. And run around in fields with big dogs to see what I think of next. That re-build time is so important.
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