Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

My Friends

I retired early. I am older than most of my friends. Therefore, my friends, those that I actually meet with weekly are my grand kids. They are all under age 12. These are my playmates. I totally enjoy our times.
Today, Kellar and Owen. Somehow we always get into paper projects, after they tire of cable TV, since they don't subscribe in their homes.
Kellar is getting into being Kellar at age 3. She is particular, but inventive.

She is very tidy. But when resources run out, like the dried up water color box, she has new ideas. They are good ones!

And Owen made a crown-the suggestion was something Medeval. I had my choice between that and some paleontological time I didn't even understand. I made knights and castles. He made crowns. But they didn't stay on. So he made straps. I thought that was a useful idea. His idea was to make them work.
My idea was that politicians could use them. Put tiny microphones in them so you could hear what people were really saying about you. You could even tell when your crown is slipping.

My greatest fear is that my grown up friends will retire and get boring. And kids will grow up, too. Then I will have to become my own imagination. Maybe with not enough input.
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