Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Today I saved the Easter Bunny

Here is how it happened.
I noticed that Em, the Golden Retriever had not come in soon, from her morning back yard romp.
I look outside and she has something that is moving. She is holding it down with one paw and licking. Licking , licking licking. She has had pups before I adopted her. It was the size of a Golden retriever pup.
On closer inspection, it was a rabbit bunny. Cottontail It was not dead. But it was drenched with dog licks.
I brought bunny in. I toweled it off. I put it in a cat carrier. I checked hourly. But each hour was okay. I saw no broken bones. I saw no puncture wound.I thought it would die from shock, but it didn't. It kept getting better.
If I left it on its own, a cat or other dog could get it. It was at that marginal age, I read on line.I went and got Maya and Anna and brought them back to hold it and get an assessment. They both felt that nothing was wrong and it could thrive. It was perking up.
About nine hours after capture, I called The Wildlife Rehab center. What could I do? if I let it go out and Easter came and the kids find a dead bunny...well, bummer.
Fortunately, they were accepting a lot of rabbits. They had 39 babies so far and couldn't necessarily report on mine. They said they would try.
And all the while, driving dear bunny up to Linwood, I am thinking I am wearing some sort of animal lover cloak. Not one I asked for, but one I can't resist.
And I see the little white stripe on her forehead. It will fade in time and this is not where she will be released. So, I shall never know her. I just gave her the best chance.

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