Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Painting the House

My house is really plain as can be. Built in the 1930's, it was the farmstead that was subdivided for cloning 1950's ranch homes. But it is so plain, it fits right in. It has been a bit of a money pit, for what it is worth. But it is home. I think I am too lazy to move.
Last year I remodeled a bathroom and got new windows. This year we are painting.

It is like a floating barge in a grassland. The roof is faded green. I had it replaced after a mini tornado or micro burst in 2006.

But unlike the ranch houses around, it has a speck of architectural (poor man's architectural) detail. The trim used to be lavender and magenta which I lived with for ten years.

Now we have new color schemes. The house had to remain whitish, to avoid the weird things of a half siding, half aged wood house.

And this is painter Dan, who is going back to school in design soon. He used to play in a band and I hear him singing through the windows. He is just about the easiest person I have ever met to work with. And soft-spoken and meticulous too.

Don't let it keep you up late...finished or almost finished pictures are coming soon.
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