Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

What do I do in this heat?

It is so hot. So blasting hot.
If I can get out before 8, the dogs get a morning walk.
I get to the grocery and run errands before 11.
Dogs lose hope for outside by noon. We park ourselves in front of fans. Even with AC.
I read a lot, keep thinking I will do some art, try to edit some photos to submit here and there. But I am mostly done by noon.
I have tried lunches out with friends, but I get nauseated and you want to know this.. have diarrhea attacks. The heat does not serve me well.
I did find an interview with Caroline Myss on That helped! I guess Oprah has something called Super Soul Sundays with various inspirational celebs. It is on her OWN network TV, which I don't get, but transcripts and video are available on line via Tomorrow is Deepak Chopra and someone I don't recognize immediately.
Colorado, the traditional escape for Kansans is burning up and it breaks my heart.
So here is what we do. Find a fan, a good book, enjoy the white noise of a fan, not unlike a hospital white noise. Get into it. Dream dreams.
Em in front of fan 2
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