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I bought some white lilies at The Farmer's Market on Saturday. The flower lady said these white ones had just about burned out with heat and sun, but she brought what she had.

They are so fragrant and their scent seems just the aroma therapy I need on hot days.
Today wasn't so hot..only about 98 degrees. You can tell the difference between that and 103 degrees. Dogs and I stayed in mostly, with a small break to water the outside flowers.
And the weather service anxiously watched some little cloud out by Salina or Abilene, like maybe just maybe we might get a speck of rain.

Lily 5

I sit and observe the landscape of the lilies.

And on she has replays of her OWN network broadcasts, called Supersoul Sundays. Corny as that may sound, they lifted my spirits. Folks like Carolyn Myss and Deepak Chopra. Just that little soul something I need while I summer hibernate.
One preacher guy was so enthusiastic about spending your time on your passion. Why spend 80% of your time on what you don't want to do and then 20% of your time on your passion? Why not reverse that? He had an audience up and cheering.
Well I got so inspired, I got my dried out acrylic paints out and made what I could with the surviving colors. And know what? No, what ,Brenda?
I feel good.
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