Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Summer heat is making me uncomfortable.

It makes me crabby.
I was angry at Nature last Sunday when I slashed out this sun image. Well, it is not anything personal, duh me, Sun is just Sun,Nature is just nature. There will be a natural correction. Or people will notice that we are stressing nature.

I come from people of the Black Forest in Germany. We are mostly fair skinned. My ancestors probably thought mushrooms were a vegetable. Maybe they grew potatoes and cabbage. Maybe they wore long skirts and velvet vests or Liederhosin. You know..those funky suede yodeling pants.
And my dogs are from Ireland or England or fishing boats off the Newfoundland coasts, if you consider ancestry. They thrive in cool.
We are uncomfortable in Kansas summers. Real uncomfortable. And then they start banning lakes and ponds for a certain sort of toxic green algae.
Although we are a fit with most seasons of the year, and most political viewpoints in our town, ( but not The State) kindness and simple things, and so many other things, I think we need a place to go in summer.
I am not one to escape to Florida in winter. We like sleety rain and such. Old dog can't go out below 20 degrees and apparently old human has problems with that too.
I think in summer, I 'd like to find a cool rainy sort of place. Or at least cool
I am headed to Taos NM in August. They have cool. They have skies. They have art. They have ancient or at least very old culture . I love the Native art. Especially the Hispanic old stuff.
Maybe since all the seasons seem to come a month ahead, fall will come early too.
Please give me ideas on where to spend summer,next year, with two dogs, willing grandkids, and the possibility to find a big house, accepting of dogs and kids and a party of 11. Just ideas... I am listening.
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