Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

First it was so hot.

Now it is not so hot, just 94 degrees, but still uncomfortable. No rain.
I say "BLAH".
I say other words like.."F--- this shit."
Got dogs out for the first run in 2 weeks when it was still 75 degrees before 8 am. Did us all in.Still taking Humane society photos Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
One from today
Lizzie 07102012 face 3
Chihuahuas remind me of Tucson. If you were close to a house. they came up in flocks of ten. This particular one looks good
I am pretty much over any pit bull fear I ever had, but I give chihuahuas a bit of distance, to see their attitude

I am too lazy to look up this quote.But didn't one of the Spanish explorers call Kansas territory "Where the devil took his vacation" Coronado? Somebody.

Got some reservations next year for a family vacation in Estes Park in the works. Gonna cost some dollahs, but I don't care.
Every year is different,but the house I am considering is right next to The Big Thompson River.
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