Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Life in the Heat of things.

Well, yes, the HEAT makes me crazy, yes it does...
I say to myself "Not next summer, no way will I agonize in heat for weeks on end."
Dogs can barely go out for walks, let alone runs, unless I get up in the dark.
I am becoming a total recluse and the heck of it is, I am liking it in some strange way.
But then, I am renting a Colorado ranch house next summer for the whole family for a week, right next to Rocky Mountain National Park. I have been wanting to do this for years.
It was Nora Ephron's death and her words that made me do it. "Do it now, don't wait."

One highlight of this week was doing a wedding reception candid shots. This is Laura and Rodney. I never want to be a professional photographer, I think. It is a lot of responsibility. But I do enjoy opportunities.
This is my favorite photo, because Rodney is so into loving Laura, it could easily last a good 50 years. Just look at his face. He is a goner .

Rodney and laura
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