Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Dog days of summer

Now, if I miss morning walk, dogs and I are into a fetch the ball quick contest across the living room floor. All 24 feet or so. Not satisfactory. But okay, I guess. Tomorrow we will work on finding the treat under the overturned cup. (Scent work).

I officially made the Colorado reservation for the whole family in July next year. But that is a year away. Exactly. One year.

Meanwhile, we are taking Promo Bully breed photos at the Shelter. Quennie is a sweetheart of a dog

Queenie retake PF  07112012_edited-1

I saw this video from Hamilton County Humane society and was really impressed. Hamilton County is a monied community just north of Marion County- Indianapolis..where I grew up and my Mom lives.

So often we don't realize why an ill-behaved dog is who she or he is. Sometimes they need a lot more training. Sometimes they are so intense, we don't understand that they really want to WORK. It happens for labs and for pit bulls. They can be intense.

But that can be a good thing, a really good thing. See for yourself.
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