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There will be a lot of Taos photos

NM Horse

I am chewing it all over....

One reason I go to Taos is because, years ago I spread the ashes of my late husband on Taos mountain. He was an old Hippie. I got him as high as I could get him. This year it was so high, I had altitude illness. Liz, my daughter and two grand-daughters followed the trail to the Williams Lake trailhead. They looked for the Lake Charles Louisiana crematorium tag I had buried behind the trail marker, but didn't find it. Liz assured me that prayers were said, flowers floated down the stream, because, as I told Maya and Anna that he was here, there and the field, the boulders and the stream.
It was important to me that Maya and Anna visited. They never knew Dale. But the way he got me to consent to marrying him, after I was divorced was this statement, "I want to bounce your grand babies on my knee. I have no children. I would be happy to share, if you would let me."

Years later, I was at a writing seminar in Taos at the Sagebrush Inn when Liz called to say she was pregnant, that it was twins, and it was a go. (She had a miscarriage a year or so before) If you look to the lower left hand view of the Inn, that was my room, when I got the phone call. I told her I wanted to be there and immediately made plans to join Liz and Eric in Tucson.
That was the last time I made the hike to Williams lake. There were two native American twin girls laughing and playing at the Lake and somehow I knew that everything would be all right. That was 12 years ago.

NM Inn

So Taos and I have a history, especially the Sagebrush Inn, which is sometimes tacky,always being repaired, but has beautiful light and room for kids and dog friendly.

One night, on this visit, Dale was given a rainbow. I know where he is or was or is. Possibly here there and everywhere, but it seems to be centered in Taos.

NM sunset rainbow
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