Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

No rain for me

Apparently it rained here last night, but it missed me. The temperature dropped all the way into the mid 80's in Kansas. I'll take that.

Missing Taos skies.
NM sunset 2

Sometimes I wish I had a ratty old Taos pick-up truck.(Instead of the brand new rental car, you get when you fly.) Tourista.
These old pick-ups are plentiful in Taos. Usually they are in some sort of restoration status. Judging by finished trucks, they are destined to be low riders with vibrant paint jobs.

NM truck 2

But I would take that old truck and fit it for two retrievers in the front seat.( I wouldn't strap my dogs to the top of the vehicle, no matter how much money I had.) And we would drive around and take pictures of skies. And I would fit in. I can never be a Hispanic or Native look-alike. But with luck, I could pass as local. Maybe I need to dreadlock my hair... Hippie togs? No problem!

This window caught my attention in Taos. Fish. In Kansas, the universal sign for Christian. What does it mean in NM?

NM window with fish

I have avoided Churches since I moved back to Lawrence. There are 3 churches, at least, in Lawrence that are liberal Christians. When I first moved back, 12 years ago, I was concerned that being a Christian meant you voted Republican. I am not so concerned about that now.
But there is a political Autumn coming up..I will be getting more and more political as elections come up.
Republican Biblical interpretation and the relationship to freedom to practice any religion given Constitutionally...well...That and a more liberal relationship to Jesus teachings, which many Republicans are not practicing, in my opinion. Um..I might be a lot more animated politically in the next few months. I might have to chime in as a Liberal Christian. I don't like it. But somebody has got to do it. And some will hate me for it. Jesus teachings. Taken word for word.
There are many religions and beliefs I honor. Every time I go to New Mexico and see those ladders, I think to myself an unlikely source...Led Zepplin. "...and we are climbing a stairway to Heaven". Or more traditionally, "We are climbing Jacob's Ladder"...Doesn't matter the source. I have a sort of stepping forth thing in front of me. Some things I just have to do.
NM Chamiyo steeples
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