Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

My Mom is 95. She lives independently in Indiana.
But she had a Florida house. She could no longer live there with relatives 1000's of miles away.
With my agreement, my brother put the house of the market. It sold in 1 day at asking price. Thirty days til closing. Brother Bruce went down and cleared out valuables.
I came as clean out crew. We had 30 days til closing.I could not have done it by myself. My Mom's Church offers a deal to clean out a house, sell at garage sale prices contents, clear and clean the house, asking that Mom could donate whatever they gained from the sale, back to them as a tax deductible donation.
It is a very good deal.
Most sales at the garage sale were Latinos or Haitians. I loved the delight when they found what they needed (quality stuff) at good prices. REALLY good prices.
There is no more to say tonight.
But here is a view.
Fl garage sale 2<img There is so much more inside...
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