Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

In Florida

Ah. Back.
Here is what I want to say. Don't save all old paid bills. Because of identity theft, my sister-in-law Karen and I tossed, after removing names and soc. security numbers, at least three trash cans full of paper. We recycled what we could, and shredded more. Don't do this. Keep tidy up to date files.
Really, THINK what you save. You could be leaving a huge amount of work to someone you love.

FL papers

Lucky we had a Church group to help. Here is the pastor wondering how to evaluate shells.

Fl  Dick and shells

Christmas doesn't generally sell at garage or estate sales, even collectibles. If you love it, keep it. But don't count on getting any money for it.
Fl garage sale Christmas

However beautiful your home, it might be outdated and not sell, at a clean out sale.
Fl living room

Books sell. Hardbacks at $1 and paperbacks sell for 25 cents.If it is older or a first edition, it might hold some value. But books are really heavy. Don't wish those on your clean out crew, unless you really intend to read the book one more time or can use it for personal research.

Oddly, it was the bubble wrap and plastic bags that Mom saved that saved a lot of money when shipping the figurines to her.

Dragonflies were everywhere. It rained a lot, so some died.
Fl dragonfly

We ended up getting an off season rate at the Hilton on the beach. It poured rain, then stopped and became intolerable humidity. But as drought stricken Kansans we loved the rain.
Fl rain on rail

And here is my trusty helper and daughter Liz, enjoying a Gulf of Mexico sunset.
Fl Lix on beach 3
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