Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Here we go into Fall

And I think about things. I always think about things.
I ran into a neighbor, age 74 or so,also a widow, from when I lived in the country, about 20 years ago. She had a basket full or Mums to plant. She still has her beautiful house in the country, although she, like me, pays to have yard and other chores done. She still looks not just good, but gorgeous. Same bright eyes and smile wrinkles.
I have been through a lot in a lifetime. So has she. She has smile wrinkles. Great fabulous smile wrinkles.
Long ago, her daughters were my baby-sitters. Long ago we were in the same Church.
She has stayed in the same home for about 37 years. She has said, she is not ready to move. I have moved so much.
Sometimes I long for another place in the country, rather than in town. I want to see the moon and constellations more clearly, not to mention sunsets and sunrises.
I wonder if, what I call a farm-ette is in my future? I wonder if I want to get back into going to Church.
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