Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Edible fall colors

I saw this at the Indianapolis Museum of Art garden. I thought it was Bok Choy, but I am told it is Swiss Chard. Anyone feel free to straighten this out for me...

Bok Chop 1

But it is incredible with fall colors. I bet it takes a late use it as Fall color. But then, in Kansas, when it was 70 degrees today, it might snow tomorrow. What if you just ate your decorative plants because of a forecast?

Bok Chop in fall
It was so windy today, I did not go out today to the fields. Did it yesterday. Wind can get wicked. I hope those windmills, wind collectors out there on the plains, are cookin' it.

I am concerned with energy issues on this presidential campaign. If we drill on public lands, what does this mean? Yosemite? How far does this go? Okay. Back to being just noticing. Read your history. Read your science,
Carry on.
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