Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Sprucing up dogs at the Shelter

This week we took a little time to do some spruce up photos for new and old dogs at the Lawrence KS Humane Society Shelter. All are available for adoption now.
Armed with Hebrew National Franks, baked in the oven to jerky status, some slightly stale Baby Swiss Cheese, colorful fall ribbon and a squeaky toy pig, I was all ready.

Meet Albert. I think his intensity and concentration is partly because he must be part Border Collie.
dog_albert_web 3

BB is watching..which is not always easy for small terriers.
dog_BB_web 4

Cindy rises to the occasion with dignity.
dog_Cindy_web retake 2

Fiona manages a sit AND attention.
dog_Fionna_ web retake

Skeeter goes for the loyalty look.
dog_Skkeeter_web retake

Max smiles, as best he can. Yes, his ears just go that way...I think he and Fiona must be some sort of twins.
dog_Max_web retake

Murphy, a newbie, gives it his goofy best.

This is what I do both for enjoyment and public service. I believe there is a good home for almost every and possibly every dog. Go check out what Best Friends is doing.
We are a small shelter without huge financing.
I don't want to be a professional photographer, but I do want to take professional photos. These are my models, often with almost no training. When I get even close, I celebrate it and hope for the best for each dog. Let them find their forever home.
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