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It has been a time of running into old friends. Many of them were fellow antique and collectible dealers at Quantrill's Flea Market in Lawrence on New Hampshire Street during the 1970's and 80's. On two occasions, the dealers themselves were not there. They were estate or partial estate sales. I knew what they liked. I knew it would be easy to buy at these sales, because we had liked the same things. Or bought from one another or outbid one another at an auction, somewhere along the line..
Today one dealer I ran into into gave this advice."You spend the first half of your life accumulating things and the second half getting rid of it all." Styles change. Your kids are not likely to want your stuff. Things lose value and are worth essentially nothing compared to what you paid for them. Kind of like the stock market...although sometimes you can collect on a winner there.
I have a weakness for old things. Things that look like they have hung on the wall for 50 years. To me, it adds warmth in a mostly manufactured society. These are not Made in China, but little snippets of Americana. But do too much of this and you worry if your kids will turn you into the TV show The Hoarders.
Moving a lot and adopting large dogs keeps me honest. There must always be a huge pathway. A Labrador retriever can easily cut down anything in a 6 foot radius with his tail, not to mention bumbling ways.
I still hold on to a few collectibles and antiques from the 70's and 80's. Just because they evoke a nostalgia or are just beautiful in my eyes.
Things happen. Old friends become ill or die. Oh, we had a time, once upon a time..changes happen, we age, we die. We just do.
Another old friend I ran into today told me that she and her friends no longer exchange gifts. They put together life experiences. A cooking class, a knitters seminar out west, a trip for girlfriends at a Bed and Breakfast with shared new experiences. I thought this was brilliant.
I have been mystified at life past 60. I save enough energy for grand kids. But I am willing to cut short long activities. I love my Book Club and I am a crazed reader. Love it!
I am taking the time to have lunch or breakfast with one friend a week, where we can just talk. Not the chitter-chatter of parties, but just time. Be together as friends. Talk about our concerns or latest dreams.
This is not to mention my times in the field with dogs. We have a Monday morning dog hike with friends and friend's dogs. Two goldens, one lab, and one King Charles Cavalier mix (Daisy)who thinks she is a hunter.I saw that little dog put a pushy border collie one year old in its place this week, for not having manners. Good Daisy!
It is all about piling up those good moments. It is warm and golden like fall, but it too, may one day be bittersweet. I am willing to risk it.
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