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History and Changes

I highly recommend the Steven Spielberg movie Lincoln. It helps if you have some knowledge of the history of the time. My history is spotty. But 40 years ago I took a Black History class at Indiana University extension, South Bend Indiana I know more about Reconstruction than the actual war or legislation of the time. It was so cool to watch legislators and legislation in action. And old time, I guess you would call them, lobbyists. Tender, complex and often hilarious. Wonderful film. I can't even count the academy award nominations that are bound to come out of this film.
Friday night Anna had a dance program at the Lawrence Arts Center. Anna grew at least 4 inches over the summer. She has always been good on stage, but this year she turned into elegant with a dazzling stage smile. She is 11. She has the extension and hand positions going and flow of body going now.
I totally missed getting the up against the wall obligatory photo and so we took photos in the gallery. Well, truthfully, they have hated those up against the wall after performance photos for years...
I meant to get everyone doing leaps. This is inspired by a new photo book just out called "There are Dancers amongst us." The photographer takes photos of dancers in ordinary situations. I purposefully have not looked at the book, because I want to start out my own project with Maya and Anna. Then take a peek. I have visions of them leaping after a postal truck with letter in hand in the future. Like that.But last night I caught both Maya and Anna in candid movement in front of an art exhibit. We were going to do leaps, since no one was around. So they are in dancer mode.
Instead I caught two young women full of grace and poise. They are growing up. Every photograph we take is history tomorrow.
Okay. This is good too.
Anna in gallery 2 for web

And Maya
maya in Art gallery  for web
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