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A Book for Photographers, outdoorsmen or historians, perhaps

Just finished reading "Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher" by Timothy Egan. I love Timothy Egan nonfiction. In 2006 he won the National Book Award for his Dust Bowl book, "The Worst Hard Times". (you can see a lot of the same things in the Ken Burns PBS "Dust Bowl" series.) But the book is better.
This book is an Edward Curtis biography. It chronicles some of his photos, but also the contributions he made to history and especially Tribal Native American history, that would have been otherwise lost. Hopi tribe, for one, consulted his notes, photographs and recordings that were all but lost, to regain tradition. despite effort to Americanize Native Americans.
Edward Curtis work has been put down for many things. ..Like posing his subjects.. and looking for that "Noble Warrior" thing.
The guy never made a penny from it all. It was his quest, his moral or spiritual compass to do this.
One would expect wonderful photos in this particular book. NOT THERE. Maybe it was paper choice or expense or projected sales by publishing companies to go to no extra expense...
So, go to the library and get a really nice portfolio size Edward Curtis book with huge photos in it. THEN read. I will be doing this after the fact. Wish I had it with me while reading.
I betcha Ken Burns is right on top of doing a PBS series based on this book. And that is fine. Love Ken Burns. But me loves a good non-fiction READ too. I bet Ken gains access to the originals...which are very rare..what do you think?

And now we fly...into Christmas...
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