Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

A very sweet and wonderful Christmas

Christmas Chaos 2
A little party at my house on Sunday night where chaos reigned. Carols and puppets, so silly, but absolute fun.
Kids and grandkids over to watch the movie "ELF" on Christmas Eve, What a great movie! We ordered pizza carry out.
Over to Liz and Eric's today Christmas for kids and games and grown ups and music. Soups and bread. No one wanted to do a feast. I cozied up early on the couch to just listen to the sounds of laughing children and impromptu music.
I have had a cold for 3 weeks. My energy is low. I came home early. Tonight my kids their friends are doing beer and cheese tastings.

Here is my secret thing. I just love HEAVY, some would say, music from Sting. Christmas or otherwise. He does winter well. He does the Mythic Ancient Traditional music well. Here is a song I just love. Sometimes I have to get deep into Christmas, before I let it go.
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